P.I. Girl

P.I. Girl

By:  Garland Davis

May be an image of 1 person, drink and indoor

She can’t love you, she’s just hungry

She’ll hold you and pretend for a time

She’ll laugh and dance when the band plays

And act like the lovin’ kind

She’s no stranger to them leaving

She has heard many a sailor’s goodbye

But she’ll look for another tonight

While you have Grande still in sight

You can hold her in the bar’s neon light

Promise her the earth and stars

She gives her body for your money

But she’ll never give her heart

She can’t love me, she’s just hungry

She’ll hold me and pretend for a time

I remember her eyes in the night

I remember her when she was mine


2 thoughts on “P.I. Girl

  1. gmgafprhovet says:

    In real life, often she CAN love you. . . And it hurts so good you can’t get it to stop.
    In real life, sometimes she DOES love you . . . And for a young man his greatest joy is his biggest problem . .


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