2020 Asia Sailor Westpac’r’s Reunion

2020 Asia Sailor Westpacer’s Reunion

By Garland Davis

The pilgrimage or exodus, if you prefer, has begun. Asia sailors are driving, flying, and motorcycling to Branson for a belated Asia Sailors Reunion. It is usually held in May. The rendezvous was delayed this year because of the China Corona Virus.

There will be fewer shipmates there this year. Our members from Japan will not attend because of Japanese COVID19 restrictions forbidding return to Japan. Other shipmates will be absent this year because of work requirements or medical reasons.

The reunion was originally scheduled for May but was canceled because the Clarion Hotel was closed for the virus. At first, we thought that 2020 would be a year of no reunion. David and Kathy McAllister, with feet on the ground in Branson, managed to plan and cobble together a reunion 26 through 30 August.

The first reunion was held in April 2013. This will be the eighth year.

I attended all seven previous reunions, but I am sad to say, I will miss this one. The first day of the rendezvous is Wednesday the 26th. That is the day I do my second of Chemo treatment for cancer.

The 2021 reunion is scheduled for 12 to 16 May. I intend to be there and cancer-free.  See you there!