The Ship

The Ship

By David “Mac” McAllister


There’s a ship,

out upon the sea.

A ship of dreams;

laden with memories.

I know not its name;

but she calls to me.

Yester year’s shipmates,

feats and glories


A ship residing

of Spirit and Mind.

Crewed by Shipmates

I know all so well.

Sailing on pristine waters,

the perfect kind

Sailors I’ve sailed with

through peace and hell


Gladly again

I’d man her rails.

serving through waters;

calm and gale.

For we were the best

of the best of our day

No matter on liberty or

while in harm’s way.


Proudly serving

on the razor’s edge.

Duty, honor, country

our pledge

Forward and onward,

never looking back

For we were the best of the best

out in the Westpac


David “Mac” McAllister a native of California, now resides in the Ozark Mountains of Southwest Mo. Having served in Asia for the majority of his 24 year Navy career, he now divides his time as an over the road trucker, volunteer for local veteran repatriation events and as an Asia Sailor Westpac’rs Association board member and reunion coordinator. In his spare time he enjoys writing about his experiences in Westpac and sharing them online with his Shipmates.

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