By:  David Wright


for MM2 Hugh Allen WRIGHT, USN at graveside before military honors, Mt. Hope Cemetery, Independence, Kansas 17 January 2001, 1530.


I’m not going to stand up here and talk about my Father! What I am going to do is take a few brief moments and talk about a Generation. A Generation that saved the world! A Generation that long ago I labeled as the Go for Broke Club. That’s what they did, they went for Broke.

This Generation molded and solidified a nation for a common purpose/goal in such a manner that no one under the age of 61 has ever witnessed! They stood up as one and very clearly stated to the other side: NO! NO! You can’t have it! We won’t give it to you! We are going to stop you no matter what the cost! And they did…. and they did it right!

Why did they do it? They did it because they had been taught right from wrong, the difference between good and evil. They didn’t want to do it but they knew they had no choice…so they fought. They saved the world.

I look around this gathering this afternoon and see that most are from this Generation. I am humbled. I wish to take this opportunity to say that my brother and I wish to thank you for our freedom…. our very way of life. We thank you for giving us the PRIVILEGE of serving this nation under arms.

Dad… I wish for you fair winds and following seas, deep green water under your bow, your main rifles trained in the posture of peace and a gentle breeze at your stern.

That is all!


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