My Tour as V.P.

My Tour as Vice President

By Cort Willoughby

BOSN gonna throw a memory as my BARK.

For a short time one afternoon I was Vice President of the United States. I was a second class with orders back to WESTPAC from Memphis, Tenn. Each time I was transferred, I always took my family on a great road trip. We went from Mexico to Canada and back through the District of Columbia. We were gonna spend a couple of nights with PNC KEN BISHOP. I had been stationed with him in Taiwan.

Ken went to Midway in Yokosuka while was in Parsons. Ken had sent a map of D.C. trying to make it easier for me. My Chinese Bride was my navigator. She kept telling me to take the DUMMIE EXIT. Something about that didn’t smell right. Flashers and looking at the map he had circled and annotated TAKE THIS EXIT DUMMY. I did that.

We were going to tour the Capitol Building. I decided to drop off the wife and kids while I found a parking slot. I found and pulled in to an open space. Holy shit, I was already outta my prized SUPER SPORT before I spied the sign that said RESERVED FOR VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

A uniformed Secret Service Officer was there like white on Gohan (rice). He gets to me and I apologized saying, “Sorry Sir, I didn’t see the sign. I was dropping my wife and children so we don’t have to wrestle with all the baby gear.”

He asked, “Are you a serviceman?”

“Yes Sir, Navy.”

He said,“Tell you what. Leave your vehicle there, I guarantee it will not be touched. We don’t have a Vice President at the moment. Spiro Agnew resigned about twenty minutes ago. You are as good as anyone to be the Vice President.”

To top that off we had a page assist with a tour of the Capitol Building. We actually observed a meeting of the House of Representatives.

That’s the story of my tour as Vice President.

Happy he was a Republican, otherwise, I would not have parked there.





By John Karis

My boy is coming home today

Smartly dressed children at play

Proud woman pressing his shirt

My boy is coming home today

Military man’s photo on a mantel

The doorbell rings, it is time

My boy is coming home today

Apprehension swells for all

A row of black cars at the ready

My boy is coming home today

Silent procession through the streets

A strong hand holds hers

My boy is coming home today

Red, white, and blue

Folded flag, volley fire, taps

My boy is coming home today

He always stood up for others

And gave his life for them

My boy came home today


The Build – Reflections from an Old Docking Officer


The Build

When you have sailed on submarines for most of your career, stepping outside of your comfort zone reveals many things about who you are. Most submariners have achieved a level of excellence that is demanded by the profession. You are operating a large ship that is designed to sink and do most of its work undetected. That requires each person to be multi-talented in addition to being subject matter experts. You may be cooking one minute and helping to put on a band-it patch the next. Your watch could be as routine as pumping water from one tank to another then suddenly shifting into a battle stations mode where multiple responses must be made in a split second with no time to analyze.

In other words, you can get a little self-confident. If you get really cocky, you may just decide to take another path and become a…

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Underway Again

Underway Again

By: David McAllister

(Sung to the tune of “On the Road Again)

Underway again

I just can’t wait to get underway again

the life I love is out at sea with all my friends

and I can’t wait to get underway again

Underway again

Goin’ places that I’ve never been

Seein’ things that I may never see again

And I can’t wait to get underway again

Underway again

a band of Shipmates out sailing on the high sea

We’re the best of friends

Insisting that the world just keep us carefree

And carefree is,

Underway again

I just can’t wait to get underway again

the life I love is out at sea with all my friends

and I can’t wait to get underway again

Underway again

From port to port we always do it our way

Were the best of friends

Countin the days until were back in Subic Bay

And from Subic Bay,

Underway again

I just can’t wait to get underway again

The life I love is out at sea with all my friends

And I can’t wait to get underway again

And I can’t wait to get underway again


Ode To A Navy Career

Ode To A Navy Career

By Jerry Juliana

When I was but a young lad

Of 16 years plus one

I decided to join the Navy

For adventure and some fun.


They handed me a train ticket

Told me to get onboard and go

Learn to be a sailor

In the Navy town of San Diego.


For nine fast weeks, I marched

While carrying a Garand M-1

16 count manual, 5 and dive, and screw that white hat down,

Squared away before I was done.


Learned how to roll a neckerchief

And pack a green sea bag.

Stand rigidly at attention

And proudly salute the Flag.


Learned to speak like a sailor

Bulkhead, overhead, hatch, and deck.

Graduated and sent to school

And became a SONAR tech.


From Adak, “The Birthplace of The Winds”

To Keflavik, “Land of Fire and Ice”

From the sunny beaches of Hawaii

To three year tours in Japan, twice.


From The Land Of the Rising Sun

To the back alleys of Olongapo

Loved the nightlife on the Honch

Tasted the kimchee in Seoul


For years I proudly served

As a crewmember in a P-3

Surveilling the world’s oceans

Indian, Atlantic, Pacific, and Japan Sea.


Flying high above the waves

Monitoring sonobuoys patterned in rows of three

Searching for Soviet submarines

Cruising quietly beneath the sea.


Those glory days of long ago

Alive only in my mind

The days a lad would ask me

“Hey Chief, is this the kind?”


The memories of a career sailor live on

Captured on crusty old coffee mugs,

And with the help of friends old and gray

Passing around amber liquid jugs.


The “I shit you not” stories that are told

Each one saltier than the last,

Paint a life portrait of an old sailor

Lovingly reliving his past.


When my watch is over

And they lay me in my grave.

Taps will be played softly, while

Over my head, the Flag will proudly wave.


Writing a Blog

Writing a Blog

By Garland Davis

I have been at this Blog writing business for a little over two years now. I have posted over eight hundred different posts. I have received many questions about writing and the Blog. I will try to answer some of them here.

Q. How long have you been a writer?

A. I started writing at five years of age when I could restrain myself from eating the crayons… My grandmother taught me to write. I guess she taught me to read also. Of course, I don’t claim that anything I have written is comprehensible.

Q. Where do you get ideas for your daily Blog post?

A. I was usually drunk and if I could remember the idea until I got to the keyboard, I would write something. Remember the subtitle of the Blog is “Crap, True and Not, That Has Wandered Through My Mind.” I no longer drink so crap wanders slower but is easier to remember.

Before someone asks. No, I am not a recovering alcoholic. I don’t have a problem with alcohol. I have a problem with Parkinson’s Disease. PD is a neuromuscular condition that limits muscular control. With PD it is extremely easy to fall. Drinking alcohol removes all remaining difficulty when it comes to falling.

I also publish things that my shipmates graciously permit me to use. I sometimes steal things from Facebook. (NOTE: If you post it on Facebook and expect it not to be copied, then you are a Tide pod short of a start on a full meal.)

Q. Do you plagiarize?

A. No, I rearrange the words.

Q. Have you ever been arrested?

A. Are you familiar with the provisions of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution?

Q. Do you ever get writer’s block?

A. Why do you think I am writing this bullshit now? I ain’t got nothing else.

Q. Are you paid for writing?

A. If I had to depend on income from writing, I would be homeless and starving.

Q. Do you have sex regularly?

A. When I don’t have arm cramps. This question was by some perv.

Q. Since you have that gut, how do you trim your toenails?

A. I bite them off.

Q. If you are such a good writer, why haven’t you gotten paid or won any awards?

A. I don’t claim to be a good writer. Damn, that question just triggered a bout of writer’s block.

Q. Why don’t you write more about Subic and the Filipina girls.

A. I was drunk and don’t remember most of it.

Q. Do you think drinking contributed to you contracting Parkinson’s Disease?

A. Now That’s a silly question.

–Writing a daily Blog is like being married to a nymphomaniac. It’s fun for the first two weeks.

–My daily prayer: Lord grant me today’s idea and forgive me for yesterdays.

–I have been called to task for making comments and ridiculing the Navy’s policies on Gays and making tasteless jokes about gays. Such as, “Did you hear about the two gays who were arrested in Honolulu for molesting women? One would restrain her while the other styled her hair.” (NOTE: For some reason, I don’t have the same aversion to Lesbians.)

–I have come to realize that there is no subject I won’t attempt to write about except my wife, (She scares me.). I have written about my dogs, pussy, San Miguel, my hillbilly forebears, my illegitimate birth, pussy, San Miguel, the hair growing out of my ears, pussy, San Miguel, and the hair refusing to grow on my head. And oh yeah, pussy, I have written about pussy and BJ’s, let’s not forget BJ’s.

–Now, I want you all to recommend my blog to your friends, enemies too. If I can get enough readers, maybe someone will be foolish enough to pay me for this bullshit. (Note: I have been contacted several times about putting ads on the blog. It will not happen! I hate trying to read something interesting, (if you do a Google search hopefully you can find something more interesting than this bullshit) and fucking ads pop up all over the place.

–I must warn you about clicking on those ads, although they can be informative. I never knew there were so many beautiful Russian and Oriental girls pining to meet me. BTW; My wife said no!


The Battle of Brandon Bay

The Battle of Brandon Bay
Artwork by Dale Byhre’.

Image may contain: sky, ocean, cloud, outdoor and water

Artwork by Dale Byhre The newest of my Artwork involving the US Navy and its involvement in the Vietnam War. The painting depicts the Battle of Brandon Bay, which took place in January of 1973, off the coast of North Vietnam. The three destroyers that engaged enemy shore batteries were, the USS McCaffery in the lead, followed by the USS Cochran. The USS Turner Joy is completing a high speed turn into line and is bringing up the rear of the column.

Again, any interest or feedback is always welcome.