Steamin’ Demon

Steamin’ Demon

By:  Tony Och


I had the biggest smile on my face with discharge papers in hand as I passed thru the main gate of Treasure Island and wore that smile for at least two months thereafter.  When I think about it today, I become sullen.

It’s been over seventeen years now, every day since, dozens of Naval thoughts run thru my mind.  It torments me, its unstoppable, some sort of demon.  It will be with me until I die.

The other day while drinking and thinking, that demon in in the back of my mind told me to break out my “FIREMAN” training manual.  NAVEDTRA 10520-E 1976, the second paragraph read as follows…

As a member of the Engineering Department aboard ship, you know that you are assigned to the heart of the ship.  It is through your efforts and the efforts of every other member of the Department that your ship becomes alive and is able to meet its commitments anywhere on the oceans of the world!

My dick was getting hard; hundreds of thoughts ran thru my mind at the same time.  I closed my eyes, shaking my head, envisioning…my rack, Navy chow, shipmates on liberty, standing a steaming watch…then the fucking eye leakage set in.

I’ll always be a “Steamin’ Demon!”


Tony told me to write something for his Bio.  All I can say is, Tony is a friend and Midway Shipmate who misses the life we once led.  If Tony had lived in an earlier age and served in an earlier Navy, you can bet that he would have been down in the bunkers shoveling coal for the boilers. BTW Tony does drink some beer.  The only guy I know who once got a BCD from a Greyhound Bus.