Garland’s Deck Log

It is a tradition that many standing the first watch of the year, the midwatch on New Years Eve, rhyme the deck log entry for the watch. I wrote my log last year in rhyme. Here it is again. I am going to attempt it again this year.

Garland’s Deck Log Entry 2015
By: Garland Davis

Zero dark thirty New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day Already,
Can’t figure it out ‘cause I have been drinking steady.
To ring in what is supposed to be a better year,
But so far it has been the same old bull and will be I fear,
The days of boilers on line and mooring lines doubled,
Are in the past and of which we are no longer troubled,
Pour a shot of Crown and pop the top of another brew,
And here’s to a Happy New Year for the Asia Sailor crew,
Our wake is straight; our course for Branson is steady,
We hope this year that the Miller’s distributor is ready,
Many old and some new shipmates make the pilgrimage,
To the Westpac’rs Reunion while it is still the rage,
Make your reservations before it is too late,
Looking forward to seeing you there Shipmates.