Beer Insecurity

Beer Insecurity

By:  Garland Davis


“Hunger is a surprisingly common problem among U.S. college students, a new report suggests.”

“Food insecurity was defined by the researchers as the lack of reliable access to sufficient amounts of affordable, nutritious food. Very low levels of food security qualified students as hungry.”

The two quotes above are taken from an article in MedlinePlus about perceived hunger in college students.  The experts who compiled the information labeled the malady, “Food Insecurity.” My generation, or at least those of us in the Asia Fleet suffered a similar problem.  It wasn’t hunger.  The Navy fed us. Maybe not as well as we wanted, but they fed us well enough that we could create a daily turd.

A major area of concern among the lower rated sailors was “Beer Insecurity.”  We were so poorly paid that we never seemed to be able to stretch our funds to cover beer supplies between paydays.  We were forced to depend upon the benevolence of a few bucks from home, the pity of our senior petty officers and the greed of those usurers, the operators of our friendly neighborhood “slush fund.”

I remember on ten cent Schlitz Malt Liquor night at the club, hanging out by the soda machine on the mess decks borrowing dimes from shipmates until I accumulated enough to afford ten or twelve bottles of that rot gut shit.

The dearth of money for beer often caused one to make stupid decisions.  Such as, accepting an invitation from a suspected “light in the loafers” Yeoman to go drink wine with him.  You had to pretend to like the wine while the asshole tried to show off his level of sophistication.  He had you drinking Cabernet Something and Pinot Something else.  You pretended you liked wine when you had a cheap beer palette.  You quickly learned that you shouldn’t drink wine in the same quantities that you did beer.  The biggest difference was that when you puked, the water in the shitter turned red instead of foaming.


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