A Letter to Dad

A Letter to Dad


I’m sitting in my room tonight, I don’t know where to begin
Mom and I are arguing, about writing you again
When I was young we always came
To see the monuments on the Mall
Mom would have me help find your name
Upon the Granite Wall
Mom always told me, you were watching from above
And that you were always with me, showering me with love
Hey dad did you see me hit the ball into the stand?
I was so excited I didn’t watch it land
I’ve been doing good In school, my homework I have saved
I still don’t understand Algebra, but I’m getting an outstanding grade
There is a play in Drama, I got an important part
I get to play the hero, and win the fair damsels heart
We got a small puppy and I named him Jax
He’s smart and energetic, he really loves his snacks
Do you remember Mrs. Bartlett, who lived two doors down
She always baked goodies, for all the kids in town
She got sick last year and passed away, we went to say goodbye
I asked her when she got to heaven if she would meet with you and say hi
We had to move to a new house, it’s small but very nice
The kids I met are different so I could use some advice
The kids here have both their parents, but the kids don’t spend the time
To talk to their parents, I think it’s such a crime
The kids don’t understand the precious gift they have
Of being able to actually talk to their mother and their dad
When I talk to you I know you’re listening, I often feel you near
On the letter tapes you sent to Mom, is a voice I love to hear
I’m learning of the war you fought in our history class
Now I have more questions that I need to ask
Why did you go there, when no one wanted war?
Was it really like they said, with protesters on our shore?
There was so much anger over the war, conflict and strife
But I’m proud of you being there, even though you lost your life
To have such a brave father, I’m proud as I can be
You gave your all for Country, to help others be free
I will not listen to the kids, when they tell all those lies
To me you are a true hero, true honor can’t be disguised
So this ends my letter. It’s now ready to send
Mom is still against it, she doesn’t understand
When she insists that it’s too dangerous to go down to the mall
I smile a small smile and say “58,307 Angels guard me by the Wall”


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