Pussy Whipped

Pussy Whipped

By:  Lee Thayer


This was on my second ship, in San Diego. I had a guy in my Division that was pussy whipped even to the point of lying to the chain of command. This is a no shitter story, I was on the quarterdeck when this happened.

The kid started out with “my wife was pregnant but had a miscarriage, can I have a few days off?” Well, sure, we were going to be in town for a few weeks, so we give the kid about three days special libs. All seems good, about another month or two later, “my wife was pregnant and had a miscarriage…” You know the rest, asked for a few more days off as we would be in town for a few weeks, the command reluctantly, granted three days special libs.

This happened a third time, chit denied, by the CO (and the whole chain of command). The day after this kid told his wife, I knew her, very attractive woman really, she arrived on the quarterdeck and demanded to see her husband, and the Commanding Officer. Word is passed for the husband, and the CO is politely called and asked to come to the quarterdeck, this going through the CDO, and the XO. Captain agreed to come to the quarterdeck.

The woman lit into the Captain with swear words that would make sailors blush, Captain simply replied, show me a dead fetus, and I will give your husband special liberty. She cursed more, the Captain simply looked over at the OOD and said I want this woman off my ship, if she comes up the brow, shoot her. The POOW loaded and jacked a round into his 45. The MOOW took her off the ship to the pier. CO took the young lad to his stateroom for an ass chewing, the woman never came up that brow again.