USS White Plains AFS-4 Fire

USS White Plains AFS-4 Fire.


On 9 May 1989, while underway in the South China Sea en route to Guam, the White Plains experienced a major Class Bravo fire in the main engine room while conducting underway fuel replenishment with the combat replenishment ship USS Sacramento (AOE-1). The fire resulted from the ejection of a valve stem on the fuel transfer system which sent a high-pressure spray of fuel over the boiler and consequently ignited into a fireball.

There were 6 fatalities and 161 injuries reported as a result of the fire.

Shipmates…We wish for you fair winds and following seas, deep green water under your bow, your main rifles trained in the posture of peace and a gentle breeze at your stern.



12 thoughts on “USS White Plains AFS-4 Fire

  1. Jeffrey T. Budd says:

    My first and best ship!!! I learned how to be a Sailor on her!! Made SM3 on board and we won back to back Battle Es


  2. Ed Caviness says:

    I served onboard USS White Plains from 82-85 and it was the best ship I ever served on. There was no better. RIP shipmates – we now have the watch.


  3. Gabe Sigaoat says:

    I was on the USS White plains when the fire broke out. Many don’t remember when myself and BM Campbell went down into the main space and shut off the fuel valve, fought the fire and recovered our fallen shipmates 6 sailors died because we were not fit to go back out on the gulf. I blame the Navy for making our ship go back out back to back tours My name is Gabe Sigaoat mm3,


  4. Terry Brent hall says:

    My name is Terry hallHt-3 I served on board the orient express from 77-79. I was #1 oba man repair #5. Rip mates


  5. GREGORY EDGE says:

    I was on USNS SIOUX that towed WHITE PLAINS to Subic Bay after the fire. Definitely saw a lot of professionalism by WHITE PLAINS’ crew during that trying coyage.


  6. Brian Crawford says:

    I was stationed on board from 1988-1990, EN3 at the time, worked in A-Gang. I was in the Emergency Diesel Generator Room when the fire broke out. Will never forget 9 May 89


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