USS White Plains AFS-4 Fire

USS White Plains AFS-4 Fire.


On 9 May 1989, while underway in the South China Sea en route to Guam, the White Plains experienced a major Class Bravo fire in the main engine room while conducting underway fuel replenishment with the combat replenishment ship USS Sacramento (AOE-1). The fire resulted from the ejection of a valve stem on the fuel transfer system which sent a high-pressure spray of fuel over the boiler and consequently ignited into a fireball.

There were 6 fatalities and 161 injuries reported as a result of the fire.

Shipmates…We wish for you fair winds and following seas, deep green water under your bow, your main rifles trained in the posture of peace and a gentle breeze at your stern.



4 thoughts on “USS White Plains AFS-4 Fire

  1. Jeffrey T. Budd says:

    My first and best ship!!! I learned how to be a Sailor on her!! Made SM3 on board and we won back to back Battle Es


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