Fiddler’s Green

Fiddler’s Green

By Robert ‘Okie Bob’ Layton



For he came to me with an offer, if I agreed to take a trek

A trade to a blissful situation, from this life I call a wreck

Take a step toward the hereafter and view the eternal shore

And cross the turbid river upon a vessel once more

and when the ferry traverses, you will feel the swells beneath your feet

On the far side, mates are waving yearning for you to greet

An end of journey worth taking, For here lays the green

My friends are awaiting, It’s awhile since I have seen

And it will all come back as if it was yesterday

Good memories will flood your senses, worries will go away

And lasses will dance unending and the fiddle it will play

The flow of grog will be constant, when I take that step some day


One thought on “Fiddler’s Green

  1. William says:

    Great picture of Sailors having fun. Fiddler’s Green was in Sasebo Japan and I visited it in 1967 and later on.. It was a great EM club!


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