Mid Night Drinkin’

One of those nights that insomnia came to stay. Listening to classic country music and sipping a glass of Tullamore Dew looking for sleep. Waylon Jennings’ song Drinkin’ and Dreamin’ inspired this:

Tullamore Dew.jpg

Mid Night Drinkin’

By Garland Davis

Everybody’s looking for some way to go on

This old sailor’s looking for a way to go back

I wasted my time since those years ended so fast

I’ve been lost wondering what it’s all about


I’ve struggled with a life that didn’t seem mine

I love her and she does me, but she never understood

So tonight, sitting here sipping whiskey, I’ll single the lines

And take off for WestPac once again in the midnight


This civilian is suit is not my choice attire, it ain’t really me

Bell bottom trousers, a jumper with liberty cuffs

A meticulously rolled white hat at a cocky angle

And a swagger down an alley in my whiskey dreams


Tonight as I sit here dreaming of that horizon

She just don’t know how she gets to me

She owns my body but my heart and soul

Are out there on the Pacific Rim riding the wind


Sitting here in the night knowing damn well I can’t go

I’ll not again see Subic, Yoko, or old Sasebo

But here in the dark, I’m able to leave it behind

Drinkin’ and dreamin’ half a world out of my mind