Ocean Creatures or Seafood Terms

Ocean Creatures or Seafood Terms

By: Garland Davis

People often ask me to explain terms to them due to my expertise in things culinary. This should clear up questions about sea creatures

images (52).jpg

Crawfish or Crayfish – Water Bug

download (63).jpg

Shrimp – Larger Water Bug

images (53).jpg

Lobster – Big Fucking Water Bug


Crab – Water Spider


King Crab – Big Fucking Water Spider


Crab (Pubic Louse) – caught by fooling around with Hairy Clams

download (64).jpg

Fish – Big Fish Food


Big Fish – Bigger Fish Food


Oysters – Snot in a Shell


Octopus – Eight-Armed Sea Monster

images (54).jpg

Giant Octopus – Big Fucking Eight-Armed Sea Monster

images (55).jpg

Squid – Ten-Armed Sea Monster-Sometimes disguises itself as onion rings.

hqdefault (2).jpg

Giant Squid – Big fucking Ten-Armed Sea Monster

Happy overweight woman exercising on white background. ⬇ Stock Photo, Image  by © vladvitek #33186139

Giant Clam — No matter what she says — Do not eat


Clam – Comes in two varieties. Bearded and clean shaven. Unfortunately, we are unable to show the difference between the two


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