Wet Deck – Go Around

Wet Deck – Go Around

By; John Petersen

We’ve all experienced this. No matter what your rank, or how important you feel you are, no one aboard a US Navy warship holds more sway than the unhappy schlep tasked with stripping and waxing the P-ways after taps. If there is a mere 15 feet between your destination and said unhappy E3, and he has that section taped off, you, my friend, are taking the scenic route of the ship, most likely involving several decks and a good amount of time, only to reach your destination to find that P-way man has finished and the route is now opened for all traffic. Once you’ve finished you business and head to your rack, guess where P-way man is now…

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One thought on “Wet Deck – Go Around

  1. Mike Gardiner says:

    I was “Col of the urinals” in the fwd crews head on the DD561 sometime back in 60-61. No one got into that space from 0800-1000(following xo’s inspection. Barfing etc in the ladder-well In from of the BOsn locker was a daily occurrence.


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