Ok, my True Story

Ok, my True Story.

By Hambone

We were deployed as CTF – 75, FROM 01-82 to 06-82, embarked on Sterett Homeported in Subic. I was the CMC for CTF-75.

For some reason, I skipped lunch and about 1800 hit the CPO Club Restaurant. I drank a full bottle of rough RED. Now, normally this was no big deal. I would go home with my sweet thing who worked there. She was off and at her Moms someplace or other.

So I borrowed a l legal pad and pen from The club. I hit the bridge and found me an establishment I had never been in.

Now to let you know why I needed the pad and pen. There had been a discussion in the Sterett CPO Mess about Filipino women wouldn’t give head. So I decided to do a scientific survey. This place had more than 50 females and about 10 servers.

So I got me a Magoo and a cool place to sit. All the bar girls had numbers. I started with #1.

Do you give head, yes or no? I got to #41 before I got a yes. Plus to my amazement, one of the servers said yes.

So I asked 41 if she ate pussy. Got another yes. The server didn’t dine at the Y but liked having it performed on her.

So by then, Hambone had consumed somewhere over ten Magoos.

I decided that this was my chance to certify my survey. So I asked both a direct question. Both said yes to a full-blown demonstration of head and dining at the Y.

Soo Hambone pays the Bar Fine and I and 41 and the Cute server went upstairs.

Well, it took about 30 seconds for the Server to renege on her YES. She was gonna leave. I said Bull shit. I picked up a chair and put against the door and sat down. I said you will perform or give me your barfine back. To my amazement, #41 was pissed at her too. She was looking forward to dining at her nice Y. So she cried, threatened and a few other things.

Some Tagalog was passed between the two ladies.

So #41 Convinced cutie pie server girl to let her have her dining on her nice Y and then she could go back below.

I agreed.

So for the next half hour or so my #41 turned her ass out. Upon finishing #41 smiled at me and thanked me. She then pointed out the Bar Server was in a prime position for the finishing what I had paid for. So Hambone being Sans Clothes jumped in the breech with lots of enthusiasm. The server took it and liked it.

So from a goddamn fiasco, I spent the night with both.

The next morning both said that I could come back for round two.

I thought damn, putting your ass in a chair worked wonders. Plus old #41 liked dining at the Y.

I went back for round two before returning to the land of the big round eye.

Plus #41 had got server girl fully trained in dining at the Y. She was good at it and I reaped the benefits.

True Story !!


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