Two Times

Two Times

BY Hambone

Two times in my Navy Career I was told I was the only enlisted man who had the Qualifications to do something. One was bad and one was good.

First one Bad:

In NAS Kingsville, Texas I got drivers license for damn near everything rolling. Time passes.

The Horne was in Pearl on a Midshipman Cruise. We had a ton of those dudes on board.

I am getting ready to leave the ship and join my friends for a beer or 14.

Word was passed for me to lay to the Quarterdeck. So I carry my dumb ass up there.

I discover I am the only person on the ship that has a license to drive one of them long ass busses. I had to drive them dudes around all afternoon. I finished at 1800.

Next day with the assistance of the Chief PN, it left my record.

Second one Good:

I was on Recruiting Duty in Seattle 1979.

St Patrick’s Day was upon us. Someone decided to invite a member of each branch of the service to this big do in a super duper private club in Seattle.

A YN2 remembered I had been in the PEP Program. So the Chief Recruiter calls me. Jim do you possess that Mess Dress Uniform. I said yes before thinking.

So I carry my dumb ass home and get it and carry it to the cleaners. Find my miniature medals and my bow tie.

The next day I go and get my invitation. I am warned to be on my good behavior. The Chief Recruiter told me not to Fart.

So at 1900, I show up in my Navy Car. Private parking etc, etc.

I give my Card to the dude at the entrance. He announces me, Senior Chief James Hampton United States Navy. I am escorted to my table.

Two couples and me.

I am not Catholic. But they had about ten Priests there including the Archbishop.

Every person running for Governor that year was there.

Every one of the Priests got shit faced including the politicians.

Good food tho.

I had fun. It was back in my hard drinking days.

Hambone is done now


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