The 2018 Asia Sailor Westpac’rs Reunion

The 2018 Asia Sailor Westpac’rs Reunion

By Garland

They say that as one gets older time seems to pass faster and faster. Well a number of us have found a way to slow it down. The fifty-one weeks spent waiting for the next Asia Sailor Reunion drag past. Then the week of the reunion passes so fast it is almost impossible to remember everything that occurred. Wait, the memory thing may be caused by the copious amounts of adult beverages swilled by the attendees. (I was going to say imbibed, but swilled better fits what I saw in Branson Last week.)

A partial list of the beverages available to the 118 members and guests who attended the reunion:

Over 1000 bottles and cans of Miller Lite

240 bottles and cans of Bud Light

240 bottles of Budweiser

240 bottles of San Miguel

48 bottles of Red Horse

48 cans of Spotted Cow

I forget how many bottles of Corona

240 bottles or cans of Coors

Some Coors Light

I am sure there are some that I forgot.

I counted 14 bottles and jars of Corn Liquor (better known as Moonshine).

I know of twelve bottles of Kentucky Bourbon. (Probably more.)

Numerous bottles of wine were drunk.

The ladies consumed copious amounts of champagne during their painting class as evidenced by the sterling quality of their artistic endeavors.

These quantities of booze are a little light this year. You see, I didn’t drink this year. No, I haven’t gone all sanctimonious on you. It is just that I no longer need the impetus of alcohol to fall down. I can now manage it all on my own.

The reunion activities didn’t all involve alcohol. Give me a little while and I will think of one…

There were a number of cases of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Coke, Diet Coke, and Diet Dr. Pepper consumed by the no-loads (among whom I include myself) and the morning after cottonmouths. (there were probably more cottonmouths at the hotel each morning than in the local swamp).

There was a reversion to our youth during the reunion. Many of us acted as we did in younger days. F-bombs were an integral part of every conversation. It, in its many variations, was probably the most overused word during the five days of the festivities.

There was more to the reunion than sitting around drinking. There was the joy of meeting old shipmates and renewing friendships, putting faces to some Facebook shipmates and making new friends, then sitting around drinking with them.

On a serious side, the members opened up their hearts and wallets for the annual raffle and auction. We raised in excess of $7,000 to support the Fisher House Charity and the Wat Sa School in Thailand. Bravo Zulu my shipmates. I am proud to be a member of the Asia Sailor Westpac’rs.

Many attendees already have room reservations for next year. Already counting the days until we do it again. I tell you it is the most fun you’ll have with your clothes on.

I logged the reunion secured at 2130, Sunday 20 May.

BTW, when I went in to check the Jungle Room Monday morning, there were three lone beers floating in a cooler of tepid water and an unopened bottle of Carolina Moonshine and one of Kentucky Bourbon on the table. Take that for action Mac.

Many members proclaim the Asia Sailor Westpac’rs Reunion the best they have ever attended. The credit for producing six outstanding reunions goes to David “Mac” McAllister and his lovely bride Kathy Mac. Actually, the credit goes to Kathy, Mac is just the menial labor. Bravo Zulu shipmates on the best one yet!

Sea stories abound…

Sam Davis and his lovely bride…

Doc expounding on something…

Bullshit predominates every conversation…

Old and new shipmates…

The bar…

A spectacular new gangway provided by shipmates Kurt Stuvengen, Pat Mullins and Fred Kruse…

A Blues Band entertains while Sam Davis is “getting down.”


5 thoughts on “The 2018 Asia Sailor Westpac’rs Reunion

  1. Ed Caviness says:

    Garland, thanks for the article and the pics. I followed on fb and thought it was a huge success. But then, I would expect nothing less from Mc and Kathy Mc. A great couple that have given of themselves for years. BZ to all who attended and supported the event as well as raising so much for two awesome organizations.

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  2. Jerry Priebe says:

    GREAT pics, Garland! Sorry I couldn’t be there this year. Sam “got down”, but did he get back up? Miller Lite is the clear winner, right after Mac & Kathy Mac!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Garland Davis,
    Greetings. I would very much like to attend the 2020 Asia Sailor Westpac’rs Reunion in Branson, MO during the May 15-19, 2020 time frame. Steve Allbritton, RMCM (Ret.) told me about this via a Messenger conversation. We served together as CPO’s on the USS Blue Ridge (1982-1985). I am not sure if I am a member or not of your association. Is there a Link or website that has all the 2020 reunion info? Thank you in advance.


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