Where Were You

Where Were You?

I was in the front yard trimming shrubbery when my wife came and told me. I spent the day torn between disbelief and anger.


4 thoughts on “Where Were You

  1. Evan Kline says:

    I was waiting for the trax train in SLC. Going to company sales meeting. Guy runs up hollering. I thought he had gone berserk. 1000 real estate agents spent the rest of day at 5 star Grand America hotel rotating in and out a bar built for 50. Got there in time to watch them fall.


  2. John says:

    I was a dean at FTA School Great Lakes, we stopped all classes to watch. The military instructors were worried what ships would be sent to beef up the fleet.


  3. Steve byrd says:

    I was at work in pleasantville n.j ,when i heard howard stern on the radio start screaming about the towers, then turned on the news


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