the silent veteran

the silent veteran

“yes, the silent whispers, like wind,

doth speak of heroes, here and gone.

echoing sharply through mans souls, and

making those humble who live on…”

“hinting of dark things left unspoken.

expressed most often with deign.

and never to make others understand,

should they ever take time to explain.”

“it’s known only by men such as these;

those that bear their scars like medals

and pain, like a cloak to shield them;

from stares of those with less mettle”

“grievous nightmares, embedded deep;

awake those afflicted with a sharp jolt.

the sweating of hot blood from their souls,

as fever tears through them like a bolt.”

“the sacrifice made by soldiers like these,

where payment could include their life.

hidden in the deep reaches of their souls.

and only shows as angsts and strife .”

“they deserve so much better than this.

drowning in a sea of pain and regret.

living what lives they can garnish

from skills that are now no help to a vet.”

“with their lives so cruelly deep in debt,

and interest for them to great to pay.

they must find someway to buy with honor,

an existence fraught with despair to stay.”

~© Copyright 2018 Drew Cardwe


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