alt.submarine veterans … I wonder how many others are out there looking for a base?


I have been a member of USSVI for a long time now and recently joined the Naval Submarine League.

The problem with both has been proximity. Since I live in a rural location away from submarine homeports, I am reliant on a USSVI base that is neither convenient for travel or receptive to new ideas. Don’t get me wrong. They have a core group of people who keep the doors open and that is great. But like most older veterans groups, change is hard and often not desired.

I ran into a guy at a gas station near my home today who saw my dolphins on the front of my car. Turns out we both served on the USS Ohio (about ten years apart). I asked him if he was a Sub Vet and he replied that he had been at one time but the meetings are always held over an…

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