“Love You Long Time…”

“Love You Long Time…”

…my borrowing twenty from a shipmate was the catalyst that caused her to Love Me Long Time…


3 thoughts on ““Love You Long Time…”

  1. EARL KNIPE says:

    It was very easy for a young petty officer to fall in love a Philipino woman. The long days at sea with little sleep, and the ugliness of the men on the ship made you want the warm humid nights in Olongapa never end. All thoughts of home and family vanished in this tropical paradise.


  2. William wright says:

    I remember an article in the Stars & Stripes newspaper which stated during the Vietnam area with a Carrier & her Escorts in Subic for a weekend of Liberty $ 4M in USDs crossed the bridges leading off base, yet it always amazed me as to where it all
    went! Nothing much ever seem to improve anywhere in Olongapo or Subic Cities. The Gordon family administered both cities throughout the period which gave rise to many a question! However both remained the Dodge Cities of the Orient throughout the U.S. lease of Subic Naval Station.


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