Nuclear Submersible Aircraft Carriers – USS Permit and USS Halibut


In the time before Polaris

Quick disclaimer: I am sure that the purists will be jumping up and down in their retractable arm chairs yelling at Mister Mac for misrepresenting the article and contents. But if you stick with the story long enough you will discover two things:  It was someone in BUSHIPS in 1958 that used the phrase submersible aircraft carrier in reference to the USS Permit SSGN 594, and I served on the Halibut so I know the difference between an aircraft carrier and a Regulus carrying submarine…

I am absolutely convinced that the planners in the Pentagon must have been reading a lot of science fiction magazines as they looked at the future of the fleet in the 1950’s.

Every once in a while a small story comes to my attention that makes me very sure that may have been partially the case.

In the late 1950’s…

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