New Year’s Day 2020

New Year’s Day 2020

By Garland Davis

Somewhere at sea, 0900…

Boatswain’s mate of the Watch pipes attention

“This is the Captain. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy 2020. I know the cooks will be preparing a delicious cookout on the fantail this afternoon. The cookout was originally scheduled to start at 1100. That has been changed to 1500.

We will be passing near the track of the USNS Oiler. They are lingering in the area awaiting a rendezvous with the battle group tomorrow. Since the Cheng informs me that we are down to 96% fuel, I have decided to take this opportunity to top off our tanks. I anticipate being alongside Oiler at 1130 hours.

The XO informs me that conditions in the passageways and berthing spaces are not up to standards, so we will spend the morning titivating those spaces that are not up to standards. I expect all Division Officers, Chiefs, and LPO’s to be providing hands-on supervision to ensure that all spaces are shipshape.

Again, A Happy New Year to all hands!”