Pearl City Tavern

Pearl City Tavern

As early as the 1960’s the Tavern became known as the Monkey bar. The monkey cage was outside with a long glass viewing wall behind the Bar, and was lighted at night. The monkeys would do what monkeys want to do, including rub one out onto the glass, so your wife or date needed to not be easily offended.

The Tavern opened in 1939 and it closed in the mid ‘90s.. Following the Attack, the Tavern served sandwiches and lunches to shipyard workers repairing the damaged ships and port facilities. A lot of history there.

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2 thoughts on “Pearl City Tavern

  1. Randy curry says:

    I was stationed at Barbers Point from 1974 to 1977 and loved going to the PCT! Food was good the monkeys and beer were great!


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