Leaving in the Morning

Leaving in the Morning

By Garland Davis

Walking along among the lights of Magsaysay Drive

Me and Mercy making our way toward the night

I can hear the songs from the entertainers, the girls

Begging sailors inside

Watching the summer sun slowly fall from sight

There’s a warm wind from over the bay

Filling the streets with the smell of Subic

Mercy pushes her hand into my hand

Said she likes the feel of her hand in mine

In the morning, the ship is leaving, making way to the Gunline

Tonight, I’m sure we’ll be just fine

For the time left together

And I know for tonight she will be mine

The band is playing in the country bar

I laid out the cash for a couple of drinks

And while we are dancing, she wraps her arms around me

And I can feel her arms and body pulling me in

While we sway to the music

She tells me she loves me

And I laugh because I know it isn’t true

But, our time together draws to an end tonight

And, Mercy, there’s so much I want to do with you.