Midway Magic (CV-41)

By Willie R. Ellis

If you go onboard her in San Diego and stand in the expansion joint passageway, if you’re very still, and very patient, every once in a while you’ll notice that joint flex and move ever so slightly. It’s like she’s still breathing. Dreaming perhaps. Dreaming of flight ops no doubt. Or maybe a high speed run down the South China Sea to Subic. Carrying her cargo of young, crazy sailors on their way to adventures they’ll remember the rest of their lives. She dreams of all her adventures the same way we do. And she dreams of being underway again.

The way we all do…


5 thoughts on “Midway Magic (CV-41)

  1. Tom Killin says:

    Went aboard her a few years ago. The memories came on like a flood. Had not been on a Navy ship since 30 Oct 64 when I was discharged from the Oriskany.


  2. Nellie says:

    Four years of my life spent aboard the Midway, the finest ship and sailors I’d known in my career. You had to live it to know it! Truly magic! Wine, women, and song!

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  3. Gary jacobs says:

    Served on board 78>80. Went to see her last year. Walked around and the memories strong. As I was leaving I almost broke down and cried. I realized then what an Impact she had on me.


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