USS New Orleans CA-32

“All Back Full”

USS New Orleans (CA-32) underway in Puget Sound on 30 July 1943 (NH 94847).jpg
May be an image of outdoors

After losing 150 feet of her bow to a Japanese torpedo, the New Orleans crew made emergency repairs at Tulagi and then backed down 1800 miles to Sydney where an interim bow was fitted that enabled her to return to the U.S. where she was fully rebuilt and able to rejoin the battle.


2 thoughts on “USS New Orleans CA-32

  1. Interesting bit of history. It amazes that we were able to do those kinds of things back in the day. Kudos to all of those sailors and civilian shipyard workers that came before us. History has been kind to us. I often wonder what history books will say about us when we are gone and enjoying adult beverages in Fiddlers Green!


  2. LT/FTCM Ron Van Sickle says:

    I have never seen sea planes on a heavy cruiser! I talked to a WWII pilot from the USS New Jersey BB62 in 1981. Lots of stories but he said recovery at sea was his biggest fear.


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