BT2 and Surface Warfare Officer Quals

Petty officer second class - Wikipedia
New Surface Forces Instruction Restricts Who Can Earn a SWO Pin - USNI News

by: Garland Davis

The BTC stopped BT1 after quarters.

“What do you have this morning Chief?” BT1 asked.

“They got three new topside Ensigns who will be coming down this afternoon to work on Engineering Quals for their Surface Warfare Pins.  To quote the Divo, ‘keep them out of my fucking hair.’  So they are on you today.” BTC replied.

“Chief, fuck, I gotta get ready to light off tomorrow.  I don’t have time to babysit Ensigns.”  BT1 moaned

BTC said, “You said that BT2 is good at getting the kids to follow him and believe his bullshit.  Turn them over to him.  Just tell him to get them qualified on a couple or three things and we won’t have to deal with them for a few days.”

Later in the day, BTC was going into the fireroom as the three Ensigns were coming out.  They seemed pleased with themselves.

He found BT1 and said, “I take it things went well with the Ensigns.  They seemed satisfied as they came up the ladder.”

“That fucking BT2,” BT1 exclaimed. “He had them dudes eating out of his hand.  He found out one of them is in the same stateroom as the Galley Officer.  He sent him to score a can of coffee.  In the meantime, he had the other two hump a bale of rags down here. Afterward he had the three them empty the shitcans, Then he instructed them in the correct way to dismantle and clean the coffee pot. Then they made a fresh pot of coffee and the three of them stood around drinking coffee while BT2 told them that they had made o good start in understanding the Engineering Department.”

He added, “They left here fully qualified on the rag bag, the shitcan, and the Fireroom coffee maker.”


6 thoughts on “BT2 and Surface Warfare Officer Quals

  1. Drew Lagravinese says:

    I was a BT2; 1975-1980, USS Hoel, DDG 13. E5 is the best. You can order people around, but there are still people above you to take the blame I’d stuff goes wrong.


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