Baloy Beach Bar

by Dave ‘Haze’ Gray

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Baloy Beach?

I remember once long ago, sitting at the open-air bar on Baloy Beach, drinking with a shipmate, Jack Coates, when a bubblehead friend’s current girlfriend (his boat was at sea), wearing a bikini that would fit in the watch pocket of my Levi’s came to the bar, bought a San Miguel. She said, “Hi Dave. I didn’tsee you long time.”

“Well, hello Maria, you are as pretty as ever!”

She smiled at me and then walked onto the beach, spread the beach towel she was carrying, slathered herself with Baby Oil, and stretched out to sunbathe.

After I finished my beer, I bought two, walked to where she was laying, and offered her one. After a short conversation, the two of us repaired to the bubblehead’s house for a session of gymnastics.

When I got back to the bar, an hour or so later, my drinking buddy, Jack, said to me in his alcohol generated gravelly voice, “Come here Boy, let me smell yo’ breath, I’ll bet it smells like Baby Oil,”

BTW, the young lady and I had a history.


USS San Pablo AGS-30

USS SAN PABLO (AGS-30) Deployments & History

While in Dakar in 1949, USS San Pablo (AGS 30) received a seemingly important phone call from someone speaking French. Because no one on the ship could understand, the crew grabbed a nearby French officer who spoke to the caller. However, the French officer could not translate because he did not speak English. The crew then found a bilingual sailor visiting USS Rehoboth who spoke to the French officer. After a brief conversation, the sailor reported that the call had been a wrong number.