The Secret Family

by David ‘Mac’ McAllister

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The secret family: Our Shipmates are an extended family, known, in most cases, only to us. Often when one of us is in trouble or worse, the rest of us never know or stumble upon the situation by accident. A recent incident in which we lost one of our Shipmates comes to mind.

If one of our Shipmates had not been diligent in seeking the answers to unanswered phone calls we may have never learned of the loss of one of our oown. All to often, our Shipmates’ families do not know the connection their loved one has to us and in their grief, are unaware of the possibility of an extended family of caring Shipmates.

So please keep in touch with your Shipmates. One person can’t do it all and it takes all of us to look out for each another. Thanks.



3 thoughts on “The Secret Family

  1. Good advice for all of us, Mac, as we edge toward oblivion. I had a very good friend who lived in New Orleans. We stayed in touch over the years through telephone conversations and email exchanges every couple of months or so. Realizing one day that I hadn’t heard from him in some months, I called. The person who answered responded as though I was making a cruel prank call. I found out he had died two months previous. I ended up speaking to his wife. She recognized my name, but did not know my long-term friendship with her husband. Stay in touch with your friends, but also, talk with your family about your friends.


  2. Ken Davis says:

    Sometimes it takes a reminder such as this to make an old fart do what he knows he should, but doesnt think its appropriate for a man to call, or doesnt want to look soft.


  3. Absolute truth in these statements. As we closer to the last door we should try to remember that there are others thinking of the good old days. Our memories are precious to one another!


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