One thought on “Navy’s 246th Birthday

  1. Happy 246th Birthday United States Navy, still imposing the will of the American people on the high seas. Of all her armed forces, only the U.S. Navy has it’s own Ships, Aircraft, Builders(You know those SEABEES), and Army (The Marines). This is why we are always the first to respond to any crisis. As a Naval Aviator, I can personally attest to the professionalism of the people I served with. I worked hard to provide safe aircraft for my shipmates to fly in. When I signed the paperwork saying the job I worked on was done right, I was also saying I would fly in that aircraft like my life depended on it and anyone flying in it could feel the same way. I took my responsibilities seriously and so did my shipmates. We worked hard and played even harder. Bravo Zulu. Happy Birthday Navy!


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