“Monkey Meat” For Sale

stolen from Ken Ritter

Do any of you old Asia Sailors Sailors remember that little girl who use to sell the “Monkey Meat” on Magsaysay, not far from the gate…? Guess what…? She’s all growed up now…


9 thoughts on ““Monkey Meat” For Sale

  1. Elbert Bostick Jr. says:

    I was in and out of Subic a number of times from 1964-’68 but don’t ever recall having any monkey meat. But then, it could be that I just don’t remember.


  2. Used to get Monkey Meat on the way to the bar and would send the girls to get more throughout the night. Funny they used to come back with more for the same price. Great stuff! Wish I knew if it really was monkey meat and if they put anything on it before cooking.


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