“When Will You Come Home?”

“When Will You Come Home?”

By:  Garland Davis


From the cold of Korean Winters

To the heat of the Australian Outback

And the boats to Grande Island,

That we rode long ago;

From Osaka’s majestic palace.

To the Bullet Train north

A glimpse of Fuji-san on a chilly morning

Topped with shining polar snow


Over many years of sailing

Over triumphs and failures

From the gutters of Subic City

To the temples of Thailand

On the far Hong Kong hilltops,

And the wild Indian Ocean,

Always calling me home.


Across the years and over the seas,

I hear the East calling;

“When will you come home?

When will you come home?”


And Again.


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A native of North Carolina, Garland Davis has lived in Hawaii since 1987. He always had a penchant for writing but did not seriously pursue it until recently. He is a graduate of Hawaii Pacific University, where he majored in Business Management. Garland is a thirty-year Navy retiree and service-connected Disabled Veteran.