Another Night on the Town

Another Night on the Town

By:  Tony Och

MM2 and me, drunk once again out in “Sailor Town.”  It was one of many nights inport Sasebo, doing the same old shit…10 or so Kirin beers,  5 or 6 sake lime and trying to convince a bar girl how great she would feel if one of us swabbies was rubbing and licking every inch of her body!

MM2 and I staggered our way across Albuquerque bridge.  MM2 grabs me around the neck pulling me to the ground.  Laying under some bushes at the entrance to Nimitz park, we watched the Shore Patrol van making its rounds.

MM2 took charge, standing up running, “follow me,” he says!  We made a beeline towards the main gate, imaginary weapons in hand, the enemy was Shore Patrol!

At the backside of “C Area” housing, scaling a fence, we were then sitting in a tree casing the main gate of CFAS.  We dropped out of the tree and headed for the gate.  The JN gate guard waved us thru.

In front of the Mariner’s Haven, MM2 says he is thirsty.  “Hey Zeno, let’s bust in and drink some beer,” he says to me.  The two of us got onto the roof via a vertical drain pipe and found a roof hatch.  Once inside it was nothing but electrical, supply/exhaust ductwork, no way to drop down into the bar.  I told MM2, “let’s just go home!”

Onboard Dubuque, MM2 and I headed up thru the boat deck into Officer’s Country.  Inside the Wardroom galley, we sliced up some ham & cheese, grabbed a shitload of sliced bread…loaded it onto a tray and down to B & M berthing we went!

Hell, it was movie time with any duty section guys that were still awake.  No mayonnaise, mustard or butter.  Just ham, cheese, and white ass Navy bread…best sandwich in the world!

It was a magnificent time in my life, I miss it!

P.S.  I’m going to the VA.  I might have “Westpacides,” a condition of the mind knowing that you will never be in that place again as much as you wish you could!




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