My Birthday Present

My Birthday Present

By: Lee Thayer


This Happened 13 years ago (before I met my current wife!), it was confirmed my first wife was cheating on me. I went to my boss at work and showed him the chain of emails on how I solved the problem (I am a Chief, I solve problems, not bitch about them).

He looked at me and said, “Chief, you need 2 weeks leave to go whoring?” I said, “that would be perfect, sir.” Boss said ok, I will give you basket leave, you show me a flight schedule and it is done.” I said, “Roger that.”

Next day I handed the boss my flight itinerary and leave chit, and he said approved. I was on my way.

I was headed to Phuket to stay at a Shipmate’s house in a village, I told him what happened, and he had a lady lined up for me. This friend was a bar owner, but his establishment was being remodeled so we could not spend time there. And the powers to be delayed his place opening on what happened on my birthday.

My friend said fuck it, he will have a BBQ at his house in the village for his bar girl staff, him and his girlfriend, and me and my new friend, who was one of his bar girls. Yes, my friend had a gogo bar, his girls, I called them ladies, knew what they were doing.

I had been with the new lady friend for a few days, and everything was good. On the day of the BBQ, the lady that was with me, gets up to get a drink or something, and another girl sits down next to me, my lady comes over and says “she is your birthday present from me.” Ok, don’t have to ask me twice. And I knew these two got along well together! I will call the new girl the young one (about 20-21 years old) and the girl I had been with the old one (about 30 years old, had a child, experienced).

The party is winding down, I take the girls to the house, and we head for the shower together, they knew where the towels were. We finish up in the shower and head for the bedroom. A fabulous time was had by all.

Sometime between midnight and 0300, I got up and told the girls I have to go outside and smoke, the girls follow, we are all dressed in only towels. This on the front patio of my friend’s house.

Well, I am sitting on the steps to the patio about a step below them, I lift open the towel of the young one, and you can think of that yourself, then the old one scoots her chair over, same treatment. And back and forth and so on with. Well, I am near rock hard solid, so I stand up, holding my towel and adjust but they can see. The young one goes over to the seating area on the patio and bends over. I do a quick left and right peek, no one out at 0300, and next thing you know, I drop my towel, and I am banging that like a screen door in a thunderstorm. The older girl says she will wait for us in bed. We finish shower together, and back in the bed. We all fall asleep.

In the morning, it is sunrise, and I see the older girl head to the shower, so I cuddled up with the young girl, and you get the picture, 10 minutes later, in walks, the older girl, I and the younger girl continued on. We showered together afterward, Then the older girl told me no more see her as I gave too much attention to her friend, I said I was just having fun with my birthday gift.

I had plenty after that.



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