By: Bill Bentley


I would like to recognize all of the everyday compatriots who have been my friends and associates for oh so many years. To all the Beer Drinking, Whiskey Swillers, who ran the streets of Asia on some of the most amazing liberty known to man while in port and worked so hard in their chosen profession at sea. The person who would give you the shirt off his back, the one who would lend a hand in ensuring that your task got completed, the one who would rag your ass out without making it personal, the one that could lighten the mood with a tasteless joke, the one who would listen to your problems and keep them in confidence, the one who kept you out of trouble or at least made sure he was standing right next to you when trouble showed up, The story teller and even the dude who everyone likes to pick at….The American Sailor – each and every one of them deserve to be on the Honor Roll and I salute them all. Not only have I had the pleasure of being able to keep in touch with them via the internet, I get to meet with some of the best each and every year at the Westpac’rs reunion In Branson MO. serving with them has been an adventure and I would do it again in a heartbeat if offered the chance!


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