Breach of Contract

Breach of Contract

By Charles Knowlton

Okie Boat1.jpg

It’s 1974 and I’m onboard the USS Oklahoma City (CLG-5) and I had just received my orders to CFAY Yokosuka (Ordnance Dept.) after just short of 10 years of sea duty commands (2 tours RVN but sea duty for x-fer regs). I took a deep breath and couldn’t believe that finally some shore duty and I got Yoko.

At that time it was going to be great to spend some time with my wife and 4 year old daughter. As we all know that being on “forward deployed” units we were gone all the time as we performed our mission on the gun line in Vietnam waters earning our pay in brilliant fashion!!! Well first thing that came up was personnel informed me that I had to extend to accept these orders as I didn’t have enough time to qualify for the 3 year accompanied tour. No problem as I was willing to obligate the time in order to accept the assignment. So I signed my extension and later was transferred to CFAY Yokosuka/Ordnance Dept. at the Ikego Ammunition Storage Site.

Was happy as a clam for about a year and even had a part-time job working at the Club Alliance (old one) as Duty Manager. Also drove Base Taxi’s occasionally as well. Let’s face it back then pay was pretty shabby as a GMG2 and I needed a little extra to steam the Honch & visit the PO Club also.

Well like I said above everything is going good when I got a message that due to the shortage of GMG’s at sea commands my tour would be cut short and I would be re-assigned. I went to Personnel and saw CWO Mochette who informed me that I could send a “breach of contract” out as I fulfilled my obligation for the orders to CFAY. So upon his recommendation I did so and off it went as I anxiously awaited the reply from them. About 2 weeks later it came in and I had “won” but they weren’t going to let me stay but offered me an early out or accept the orders to USS Kitty Hawk.

I immediately said “hell no” and again visited CWO Mochette where we talked and he recommended that we throw “our” offer out there which was I would accept orders back to USS Oklahoma City again. So that was sent out and a few days later the message came in with my report date back to the “Okieboat.” I was over elated in one sense and “pissed off” in another. But the bottom line was I was staying in Yoko and my bride was a happy camper too.

Okie Boat 1964 1024.jpg

So after my short assignment on shore duty I was at least staying in Yoko and WESTPAC and “happy as a clam at high tide once again.”

WESTPAC’rs Rule!!!!!

CHAZ “Bore Clear”


2 thoughts on “Breach of Contract

  1. Ed Caviness says:

    Back in the late 60’s early 70’s there were many shore tours shortened. At least you were able to remain in Yoko.


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