The old man

The old man

The old man watched them as they sailed

those ships of grace and might

across the far horizons

until they left his sight

frigate undersail.jpg

he came and sat there every day

and watched them as they sailed away

remembering the days when he

had walked the decks of ships at sea


his memories were all he had

to fill his days which were so sad

and filled with longing for the time

when he was young and in his prime


and once again he lived his past

of voyages before the mast

remembering the things he`d seen

and magic places he had been


but then the rain came from the skies

to end his reveries

and teardrops filled the old mans eyes

the price …..of memories.


One thought on “The old man

  1. Wade Moore says:

    Brought back the good times kicking flying fish off the decks at sunrise before the wardroom cooks could bag them….


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