By James L. Edwards

BT Device.jpg

The whining of the blowers, the hissing of the steam

Everybody knows that BT’s are mean.

We don’t know what’s right from wrong

We do what’s right even if it’s wrong.

We’ve got 60,00 horses and 600 lbs. of steam

We’ve even got superheat if ya know what I mean.

MM’s come in second best although they won’t admit

But we show them who’s best once we hit the pit.

We’ve got four kettles not all on the line

Just two at a time we do just fine.

Let the engine room set the pace

We’re always ready in either space.

The enunciator rings and the shaft starts to spin

The burner man waits just to cut one in.

The throttle opens the steam starts to drag

Sea details set so shift the flag.

The tacks are turning, and we’re using steam

We’re kicking up a wake like you’ve never seen.

There’s smoke rolling out of those stacks black as coal

We’re doing over 30 and that ain’t slow.

With a full house of 30’s and the “Mike” open wide

That’s all there is so enjoy the ride.


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