The Battle of Brandon Bay

The Battle of Brandon Bay
Artwork by Dale Byhre’.

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Artwork by Dale Byhre The newest of my Artwork involving the US Navy and its involvement in the Vietnam War. The painting depicts the Battle of Brandon Bay, which took place in January of 1973, off the coast of North Vietnam. The three destroyers that engaged enemy shore batteries were, the USS McCaffery in the lead, followed by the USS Cochran. The USS Turner Joy is completing a high speed turn into line and is bringing up the rear of the column.

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5 thoughts on “The Battle of Brandon Bay

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  2. JOSEPH BOSKO says:

    I was aboard at this time as a gun fire control technician in the gun director assigned as the trigger man. Will always remember this time.


  3. Thomas Bartels says:

    During this mission I was aboard the McCaffery DD 860. I was an ETRSN. My primary job was maintaining the radar repeaters, radar, and IFF. I was a NGSF RT talker. ECM. operator combat maneuvering tactician etc. etc. On this mission myself an SN Daniel Franklin we’re operating the ECM WLR 1. We picked up and identified the fire control radars on the coast. McCaffery was at the head of the task force. That is a night I will never forget. As previously stated I too ran into people who I shared my story with that the war was over then. I now send them to various sites detailing the. Brandon Bay battle. They had no clue. Are there prints available for purchase? If so I would certainly want to purchase one. Thank you for not forgetting.


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