My Tour as V.P.

My Tour as Vice President

By Cort Willoughby

BOSN gonna throw a memory as my BARK.

For a short time one afternoon I was Vice President of the United States. I was a second class with orders back to WESTPAC from Memphis, Tenn. Each time I was transferred, I always took my family on a great road trip. We went from Mexico to Canada and back through the District of Columbia. We were gonna spend a couple of nights with PNC KEN BISHOP. I had been stationed with him in Taiwan.

Ken went to Midway in Yokosuka while was in Parsons. Ken had sent a map of D.C. trying to make it easier for me. My Chinese Bride was my navigator. She kept telling me to take the DUMMIE EXIT. Something about that didn’t smell right. Flashers and looking at the map he had circled and annotated TAKE THIS EXIT DUMMY. I did that.

We were going to tour the Capitol Building. I decided to drop off the wife and kids while I found a parking slot. I found and pulled in to an open space. Holy shit, I was already outta my prized SUPER SPORT before I spied the sign that said RESERVED FOR VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

A uniformed Secret Service Officer was there like white on Gohan (rice). He gets to me and I apologized saying, “Sorry Sir, I didn’t see the sign. I was dropping my wife and children so we don’t have to wrestle with all the baby gear.”

He asked, “Are you a serviceman?”

“Yes Sir, Navy.”

He said,“Tell you what. Leave your vehicle there, I guarantee it will not be touched. We don’t have a Vice President at the moment. Spiro Agnew resigned about twenty minutes ago. You are as good as anyone to be the Vice President.”

To top that off we had a page assist with a tour of the Capitol Building. We actually observed a meeting of the House of Representatives.

That’s the story of my tour as Vice President.

Happy he was a Republican, otherwise, I would not have parked there.



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