There Will Be Branson

There Will Be Branson

By Garland Davis

I watched the ship move away and diminish as she approached the horizon

out of my sight and out of my life and then the door closed, and I was alone.

There were many times during the past twenty years that I had thought of this day

thinking I would be filled with relief and joy, CPO, USN(Ret),

the feeling of a job well done or at least adequately done.


I had not prepared for the grief, the knot in my heart, the feeling of a great loss,

the nagging feeling that I ended it too early, that I should have stayed,

that I had much more to give, that there were more ports, more girls, more drinks.

Ahead I see a bleakness stretching out before me, surrounded by those who don’t know.

The only solace I find is the knowledge that once a year there will be Branson.