The Battle of Dong Hoi Gulf.

Striking Eight Bells: A Vietnam Memoir

In April of 1972, along the coast of North Vietnam the Dong Hoi Gulf was a unique and active area. The coastline was mountainous and Highway 1 went through a pass very near to the Gulf of Tonkin. There was the point south of Brandon Bay where the highway could be attacked by naval forces and naval gunfire. It was in this place on April 19, where North Vietnamese MIG aircraft attacked U.S. Navy destroyers in what was known as the Battle of Dong Hoi Gulf. In that battle, one destroyer, the USS Higbee (DD 806), suffered damage from a bomb hit and the USS Sterrett (DLG 31), a guided missile destroyer, shot down two MIGs with her Terrier missiles. On the Higbee no one was killed, but four sailors were injured. Fortunately, the ship had just evacuated the gun mount due to a misfire and no one was inside.

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