In Memoriam

In Memoriam

This Memorial Day. An ever-growing list.

John Doe ― Died of a gunshot fighting the British during the siege of Fort Schuyler next to the Mohawk River, New York in the war of Independence. 1777. Plus 4,434 others.

John Doe ― Captured by Barbary Pirates off Libya and was executed in a Tripoli prison after a year of imprisonment prior to being sold into slavery during the First Barbary War. 1802. Plus 33 others.

John Doe ― Killed by flying debris when USS Lawrence was destroyed by British cannon in the Battle of Lake Erie. 1813. Plus 2,259 others.

John Doe ― Was one of the first to die in the battle of San Jacinto against Santa Ana’s Forces in the war with Mexico. 1836. Plus 13,282 others

John Doe ― Killed by a Rebel sharpshooter at Gettysburg while attempting to preserve the Union. 1865. Plus 828,000 others.

John Doe ― Killed by a Yankee cavalryman’s sword thrust at Manassas while fighting for his State’s rights. Plus 864,000 others.

John Doe ― Killed by Sioux arrows while attached to Lt. Col. Custer’s 7th Cavalry in one of over 40 Western Expansion wars. Plus 19,000 white and 30,000 native Americans

John Doe ― Killed in the explosion aboard USS Maine while she was tied up in Havana Harbor, Cuba. 1898. Plus 2,445 others

Jane Doe ― Died in a French church which was shelled by German artillery as she tended to the wounded in World War One. Plus 116,515 others.

John Doe ― Killed when USS Indianapolis was sunk by a Japanese torpedo. Can’t determine if his death was due to explosion, drowning, or sharks in World War 2. Plus 405,398 others.

John Doe ― Killed in defense of the Chosin Reservoir in Korea against the Communist North and their Chinese Allies. Plus 54,245 others

John Doe ― Killed in his bunk in the truck bombing of the barracks by the ‘Islamic Jihad’ in Beirut. 1983. Plus 265 others.

John Doe ― Killed while on Operation Silver Bullet in the Battle of the Ia Drang during the early days of the war in Vietnam. 1964. Plus 58,208 others

John Doe ― Killed during the capture of Panama City Airport, Panama. 1989. Plus 39 others

John Doe ― Killed on rescue Mission in Grenada, West Indies. 1983. Plus 18 others

John Doe ― Killed in Baghdad, Iraq during the Iraq War. 1991. Plus 1,564 others.

John Doe ― Killed on a rescue mission in Bosnia. 1997. Plus 11 others

Jane Doe ― Killed when her Humvee was struck by a roadside IED in Afghanistan. 2003. Plus 2,356 others so far.

John and Jane Doe ― Killed during the “Peace Time” of the Cold War. Plus 19,955 others killed in obscure, unremembered actions during the history of our country 1945 – 1991

That’s a total of more than 2,423,291 so far. This doesn’t include the ‘secret’ actions engaged in during the Cold War where other lives were lost, never to be spoken of truthfully.

That’s enough to populate a city the size of Houston, Texas, plus Orlando, Florida.

It’s something to think about while you grill your burgers and hot dogs.


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