Space Cadet Kort

Space Cadet Kort

By Garland

The president’s announcement of the formation of a Space Force excited Kort Willaby. He had been preparing for the eighteen years of his life for the opportunity to go to space. He had spent countless hours watching Star Trek and all the spin-offs. He had watched the Star Wars movies until he knew the dialog. He spoke fluent Klingon and Wookie. He even jacked off to fantasies of a nude Princess Leia or the green alien girl with three tits.

He was bummed out that he would have to join the Air Force first. They would recruit for the Space Force directly from the Air Force. So Kort hustled down to the recruiter to enlist. After a day of testing and physicals, they sent him to a psychiatrist for a mental evaluation. The Pshrink asked him how he felt about his Mommy and if he fantasized about her when he masturbated. Actually, the guy asked a lot of questions about jacking off. Kort kinda figured they did a lot of jacking off in the Air Force because it would be hard to pick up girls with those dorky uniforms.

After finally being accepted, they shipped his ass off to Lackland AFB in Texas where he majored in marching and cleaning urinals. Leaving Lackland they sent him to Iceland where his experience in cleaning urinals and toilets served him well. While there he advanced to Airman E-3. In his new lofty position, he became a working supervisor of two others cleaning latrines all over the base. Cort personally cleaned the CO’s facilities.

When the Air Force announced that they were accepting requests for the Space Force, Kort was among the first to submit his request. Weeks passed and finally, the cut-off date for submission was reached. A board of Colonels and Generals convened in Washington to select the initial members of the United States Space Force.

Kort wasn’t among those selected at first, but at the last minute, they realized that someone had to maintain the heads (They stole this from the Navy because ships have heads and they would be dealing with Space Ships). Kort was the final person selected.

He received orders to the civilian company contracted to develop the equipment and operating and cleaning procedures for the space going toilets. This was a complicated system because when you ‘pinch a loaf’ in the weightlessness of space, it just clings to your ass and floats there and when you took a leak it just puddled up around the end of your dick and floated there. I won’t even go there to explain about diarrhea.

The scientists ended up with an airtight toilet with negative pressure that pulled the waste into a recovery tank where it would be recycled for use as drinking and bathing water. The solid waste was dehydrated to recover the moisture and then jettisoned overboard where it would float forever.

Bath water was also recycled for drinking although Kort had already decided he could drink Space Cadet Suzie’s unrecycled bath water. He did a lot of fantasizing about Cadet Suzie…


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