Sailors Helping Sailors

Sailors Helping Sailors

By Garland Davis

Hambone’s story and a conversation with him on Facebook Chat about the Petty Officers Club in Yokosuka, also known as the Asshole Locker reminded me of this story.

I was CS1, leading cook in USS Mahopac. I got into a conversation with a CS1, the leading cook in USS Chandler. He was telling me they were getting ready to deploy and he had a problem. The only cook who knew hot to bake bread had transferred. He told me that he had never worked as a baker and didn’t know how to train a cook to do the job.

I started explaining to him the steps in the process for yeast-raised bread and pastry doughs. He was scribbling furiously in a wheel book and asking questions that could only be answered by a hands-on demonstration. We decided that I would come to the Chandler the next evening and hold a class in bread baking.

The next night we mustered in Chandler’s galley. I took the CS1 and two of his cooks through the process of baking yeast raised rolls by actually baking thirty loaves of bread and cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

It being a Friday night, Saturday morning we mustered at the Club where I was treated to many free drinks.

Many times, problems were solved, help was asked for, and received between fellow Petty Officers over a few drinks at the P.O. Club.

With the heightened security these days. I probably couldn’t get past the Quarterdeck of a ship unless I was ship’s company.


One thought on “Sailors Helping Sailors

  1. Bob Payne says:

    Helping out in civilian life is the same.
    After the Navy, FTG3 I worked for a natural gas pipeline company, the largest in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s.
    We ran parallel to other pipelines from south Texas to the New England states. We has similar equipment.
    If we needed a part for a compressor engine in the middle of the night and didn’t have it I’d call another station close by and if they had the part we’d meet on the hwy and pick it up.
    Home office didn’t know about our dealing just we kept the gas moving!
    I’d hope that we’re the case today but doubt it.


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