Fur Baby Mickey

Fur Baby Mickey

By John Petersen

Up in the morning for yet another day,

the same old routine of shower, coffee and on your way.

Most likely the wife and kids are still fast asleep,

You do all you can to get ready, without making a peep.

You know they won’t wake up, at this time they’re knocked out,

yet there is one member of the family who simply can’t let you out.

She came to you so long ago, a little thing with big feet and long ears,

with eyes that cannot be ignored, even after all these years.

Her love and devotion to you is relentless,

the attention she seeks from you seems endless.

You’ve allotted some time in your morning routine,

to give her the time she needs not only with you but to do her ‘thing’.

Off to work you go, and she’ll wait…

She’ll play with the kids and bark at the random bug,

she’ll lay in the middle of the floor in every bodies way.

She’ll dump her water dish after taking one or two slurps,

she’ll jump at the chance that with her someone will want to play.

If not, she’s patient, for in her mind she knows, there’s a clock in her mind,

It’s almost time…

“Daddy will be home soon, this I know, for it comes at always the same time.

Mom and the little ones, they brought me home one cold night,

and they presented me to Daddy, as a gift to his heart’s delight!

I was so tiny, away from my siblings in a new and strange place,

but to be held in his arms so close, the connection made my heart race!

Puppy chow and pee-pee pads, continual trips to the vet, a baby gate at the bathroom door,

crying all night for someone to answer, I know in my training I was a chore.

But I’m grown now…

It’s almost time, I can tell by how the family is suddenly doing things,

Daddy will be here soon, everyone is smiling and my little heart sings!

I can’t stay still, I’m running all around!

My hearing is unapproached, the thing he rides in I know the sound!

At the screen door, I cannot hold my delight,

My Daddy is home and within my sight!!

The family is happy to greet him, oh yes they are,

But I am just as happy to see my Daddy as he walks from his car!

my kisses may be sloppy, all wet and slobbery and such,

But I’m Daddies furbaby, and his Love is a gentle touch.

But now I’m older…

I don’t move as fast as I used to, most sounds I cannot hear.

I sleep a lot more these days, especially next to someone near.

I have ‘accidents’ now and then, to be expected, I guess,

Yet you never get mad at me when cleaning up the mess.

And yet after all these years, you tell me while scratching behind my ears,

That no one can ignore my eyes, the ones you hold so dear.

I love my hoomans”!


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