Boy Howdy and Love

Boy Howdy and Love

By Garland Davis

Love was very difficult for Boy Howdy to talk about. And yes his name is Boy Jenkins. He is from one of those southern states that only use the vowel A. His mother died shortly after his twin sister and he were born. Without a name, the county clerk entered the names ‘Girl’ Jenkins and ‘Boy’ Jenkins on their birth certificates. He had picked up the nickname Boy Howdy from the Chief on his first ship

Boy believed that love was difficult for normal men to talk about. In fact, all the months’ Boy had been shacked up with Rosalita in Olongapo, he cannot recall opening up his heart on the subject of love, except for the afternoons he spent with Carmen at the Marmont Hotel in the Barrio.

But, Little Sister Maria was the one he really loved!


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