by: Garland Davis

From growing up a farm boy’s life,

From home onto Asian shores,

Moving into the world and a sailor’s strife.

Once back learned I wanted more.

Thirty years I followed a sailor’s star,

Through both a hot and a cold war.

Tho my time at sea is done,

I still seek that just beyond the horizon.


2 thoughts on “Horizons

  1. William Wright says:

    Don’t we all, to watch a sun set & see that “green flash” or a Red sky at night telling Sailor’s Delight evening to look forward to, or that Sailor’s warning, Red sky in the morning telling Sailor’s to take Warning of a rough day ahead, or a calm flat sea filled with phosphorus & pods of dolphins racing the bow of our ship. Most of us have “dropped anchor “ for the last time and may never see another open ocean again other than in our memories.


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